All It's Meant To Be All It's Meant To Be

The key to your sexuality is to view it through the eyes of the God who created you. God’s concern is not that you will experience too much, but rather that you will settle for too little. Bryan Clark candidly explores what God has to say about sex. This book will clear the confusion and allow you to experience pleasure to the highest degree. Discover why God created sex and why it matters to Him, why sex apart from God can never fully satisfy and how you can experience true intimacy.

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Moving Forward Devotional July-Sept Moving Forward Devotional July-Sept

Moving Forward: Daily Steps for Your Spiritual Journey. Our new 3-month daily devotional will keep you moving down the right path - engaged and growing in God’s Word!

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Win the Day: Anger & Fear Win the Day: Anger & Fear

From the questions you’ve asked and from our spiritual assessment surveys, we’ve identified the top struggles. That’s why we’ve created “Win the Day”. We want to come alongside you to win the day and overcome your struggles. Join us as we; Stand firm. Stand faithful. And stand on God’s Word!

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