Discovering a Living Faith Discovering a Living Faith

What does it look like to follow Jesus today? Is it just about what you believe, where you go on Sundays, how you vote, or what kind of movies you watch?

No. Jesus calls you to something much deeper, much more powerful, and much more active. You’re called to a living faith that transforms your life so you can transform the world around you.

And that’s what you’ll discover how to do in Dr. Bryan Clark’s study of the Book of James. Get practical wisdom to help you walk in the footsteps of Christ and find answers to questions like…
• How do you persevere through trials?
• How do you respond to temptation?
• How do you get real with God?
• How do you reflect Christ in the words you speak?
• How do you steward your resources for God’s purposes?

The world desperately needs to see our faith lived out and Discovering a Living Faith is the perfect resource to help you do that practically in the real moments of everyday life.

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Prayer Prayer

God hears and answers our prayers, but we must be proactive. Learn how to reclaim the lost discipline that can change our lives.

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Hope Filled Living In a Culture of Despair Hope Filled Living In a Culture of Despair

How can we find hope in a culture of despair? How can we engage the world in a way that attracts people to Jesus? And what should we do when following Christ means facing persecution?

Pastor Bryan Clark explores these and other questions in this powerful study on the book of 1 Peter. The apostle Peter wrote this epistle to encourage all believers, telling us, “Be hopeful!” Christians in the early church faced a dark culture that threatened them in ways that would seem unthinkable to modern-day believers. Yet they stood firm on a foundation of hope—and we can too.

Our Price: $7.99