Warren Wiersbe Bundle (Be Ready & Be Mature) Warren Wiersbe Bundle (Be Ready & Be Mature)

Be Ready
During His life and ministry, Christ assured the apostles that He would one day return for His people. But how should this future event affect our lives today? In Paul's letter to the Thessalonians, he reveals that the promise of Christ's return is more than a doctrine of our faith. It's a remarkable truth that can shape how we live, how we connect and how we view ministry.

Be Mature
Perhaps of all the books in the New Testament, James most squarely focuses on results. His pull-no-punches approach to spiritual maturity, his preference for action over words, makes his text the perfect backdrop for a study of how to grow in our faith.

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Country Soul Country Soul

Does life feel uncertain and full of worry and anxiety? The pages of Country Soul are filled with Scripture, stories, takeaways, and encouragement that will get your faith moving.

Country Soul is filled with 30 compelling journeys of faith about men and women whose heartaches turned into hope and whose setbacks were transformed into victory.

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The Bible Promise Book The Bible Promise Book

Is there anything more precious than times of sharing? These are the experiences that shape meaningful relationships for years to come.  Especially when you share the truth of God’s Word.  That’s what The Bible Promise Book is all about.  Covering topics such as fear, forgiveness, hope, salvation and more, The Bible Promise Book offers over 1,000 verses in an easy-to-read translation that even younger readers can understand and absorb.

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