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God hears and answers our prayers, but we must be proactive. Learn how to reclaim the lost discipline that can change our lives.

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Make the Advent season come alive for your family with our Advent book written by Ron and Lori Moore.

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God is our refuge--our place of shelter and protection. In His presence, confusion is driven away by calm and panic is chased off by peace. He comes to stay. He never leaves and never forsakes.

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Fresh Encounters with Jesus

Sharing stories of biblical and historical figures, modern people, and her own faith journey, Cheri Fuller demonstrates the many ways God shows Himself to us.

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Be Faithful: It's Always Too Soon to Quit

Warren Wiersbe looks at the books of 1 and 2 Timothy, Titus, and Philemon and reminds us to remain faithful to the Lord, regardless of our role in the body of Christ.

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In the Grip of Grace

Imagine exchanging your fears for peace that passes all understanding. Max Lucado helps you to discover the greatest gift of all--the grace of God.

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Wherever you are today, know this: God is with you. Join Ron Moore as he discovers how to have rock-solid faith in a world that is shaking.

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In this powerful book, Ron shares the wonder and glory--the joy--of developing a heart that burns for God.

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Living Hope

Are you ready for a new direction? Do you want to reset your spiritual GPS? This book will help you discover your greatest treasure of all--the hope of Jesus Christ living in you!

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If I Could Ask God Just One Question

A much-needed resource for today's teens with answers to 80 questions about God, the Bible and faith.

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Truth Matters

A level-headed reaction to those who equate Christian faith with "blind faith" and a resource to help defend the claims of the Bible.

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This Is the Life!

Live a life of joy through cultivating a close relationship with God and obedience to his Word, calling readers to enjoy all the blessings and privileges of a life of faith--right now.

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Who Moved the Stone?

A classic apologetic on the subject of the Resurrection including a vivid and poignant account of Christ's betrayal, trial and death.

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Truth in a Culture of Doubt

Learn how to respond to a wide variety of critical arguments raised against the reliability of Scripture and the truthfulness of Christianity.

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Moments of Hope

Start each new day with confidence with a 365-day devotional written to help you enjoy more of God's presence.

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Be Encouraged (2 Corinthians)

In the Book of 2 Corinthians, Paul shares a revealing look at his own challenges, and offers a profound message of encouragement for every believer.

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A Servant's Heart

This resource is filled with 180 encouraging scriptures, prayers, and quotes that honor the ordinary heroes in your church: volunteers.

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40 Days to Complete God Confidence

Forty engaging stories offer hope and liberating words of assurance for anyone experiencing insecurity, doubt or uncertainty.

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Better Relationships, Better Life

With a mix of genuine forgiveness, honest communication and a strong desire to make things better, any relationship can improve.

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101 Family Meal-Time Devotions

Each of these 101 five-minute readings will bring family devotions to life, helping your children (ages 6-12) develop important Christian values.

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Seven Secrets of Worry-Free Living

Learn how to  find peace by breaking the cycle of unnecessary suffering caused by worry and anxiety.

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Mere Christianity

C. S. Lewis' legendary apologetic provides an unequaled opportunity for believers and nonbelievers alike to hear a powerful, rational case for the Christian faith.

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Be Confident (Hebrews)

Hebrews--written by Christians, to Christians, and for Christians--is loaded with spiritual truth accessible to anyone looking to grasp the importance of faith.

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Be Joyful (Philippians)

Discover Paul's secret to finding joy in Christ as Warren Wiersbe leads you on verse-by-verse tour through the Book of Philippians.

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Words That Heal

Forty engaging stories encourage  you to use your speech positively--speaking kindness, sharing words that heal, expressing love, and praising God.

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Managing Your Family's High-Tech Habits

An eye-opening book to help families sort through the promise and the pitfalls of virtual living.

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101 Ways to Strengthen the Parent-Child Connection

This fast, fun resource is jam-packed with 101 creative ways to help you connect with your kids ... and nurture their spiritual growth.

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10 Reasons to Stay Christian in High School

Whether teens are looking ahead to high school or are somewhere in the middle, there's a lot they can do to remain sane when everyone else has jumped off the deep end.

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Overcoming the Hurt

Adversity is inescapable and temptations and trials are a fact of life. Overcoming the Hurt gives you the courage to face your pain and take that first step toward healing.

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Dating, Relating, Waiting

In this book for families and youth groups, Christian teens share their secrets to dating, relating and waiting.

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